Our team of lawyers and advisers are on hand 24 hours a day, ready to attend to clients held in police stations throughout Blackpool and the Fylde Coast area. 

Only highly trained solicitors and qualified advisers attend police stations as this is an extremely stressful and difficult time and the decision to answer police questions is often critical and needs to be based on sound advice after full disclosure has been obtained. 

We can arrange representation anywhere.


We specialise in serious cases and operate a separate serious crime department where teams are assigned to work to overall case plans and work alongside, and instruct, highly skilled advocates from the nation's leading chambers. 

Cases include dealing with serious fraud, including VAT, DTI, Inland Revenue, FSA, internet crime, murder, large conspiracies, customs and excise, and drug importation. 

We instruct quality advocates in all matters and provide advice throughout the case.


We have a specialist team of solicitors dealing with legal aid and private cases in the Magistrates' Court and the representation we provide is of the highest standard.

Call for help now on: 01253 290 092

Fax: 01253 290459
DX: 17069 Blackpool 1
Emergency Number 24 Hour Helpline: 07860 808633